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Time To Celebrate Prom 2019

Time To Celebrate Prom 2019

Proms, Banquets and Ceremonies

Prom, a special magical memorable evening, time to celebrate with friends on your accomplishments before graduation. Let Elevation Party Rentals help set the atmosphere for your seniors at Prom. We provide a wide variety of rentals from fun interactive Photo booths to King and Queen Royal Throne Chairs. Take a look at what additions you can add to your prom to make this a memorable experience for your seniors. We also provide full production for your schools  banquets and awards ceremonies.

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Prom 2019

Let's see what fun activities we can offer your seniors at Prom. 

Senior Award Banquets and  Events

We can bring everything to you, providing full production setting the atmosphere for an amazing evening with family, friends and your biggest supporters .

Elevation Party Rentals

Taking your event to the Next Level

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